The Indian Home & Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA) is incorporated as a non-profit organization under Section 25(1)(a)(b) of the Indian Companies Act 1956. IHPCIA has been formed on the basis of the request received from several Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics' manufacturers and associated suppliers and service providers. This need was also perceived at the meetings with the International Associations of Soap and detergents who had participated at the earlier conferences at Goa. The existing Indian Soap & Toiletries Makers' Association (ISTMA) has its own limitations and new association can bridge the same. The mandate of IHPCIA is to promote the Home and Personal Care Industries including Soaps, Detergents, Cosmetics, Toiletries and affiliated and associated industries.

Immediate Membership Benefits

The members of IHPCIA will have major benefits available on enrolment. These benefits are:
  1. One Complimentary copy of the C3 Science magazine (official magazine of IHPCIA that is published by AOCS, USA) to each registered/active member. Access to E- magazine will be given as and when such facility is available and the same will be provided based on any terms that may be decided by the IHPCIA management. (Additional copies of C3 magazine for members will be provided on a subscription basis/ per issue basis price).
  2. Discounts for participating in various international/ national seminars/conferences/exhibitions ( not organized by IHPCIA) if available to IHPCIA will be passed on to IHPCIA members.(However for IHPCIA organized programs/events, refreshers courses, symposiums, popular lectures, forums -Discounts will be offered to all IHPCIA members).
  3. Free catalogue display from Members at IHPCIA booth at events where IHPCIA participates in India and Internationally.
  4. Industry issue representation at various appropriate forums including government agencies and trade bodies and for possible redressal of issues concerning the industry/members and creating awareness for intervention by experts. ( as approved by the Directors/ governing Council).
  5. International networking opportunities through various meetings and conferences for which IHPCIA members are invited/ allowed to attend by various Chambers of Commerce, foreign embassies and consulates as and when a business delegation visits India. Also members could seek access to associations internationally where IHPCIA has an agreement/tie-up for cooperation in the various areas of knowledge, information and expertise relating HPC trade and as available with the concerned associations.
  6. Leadership roles/ mentoring roles/ member in panel of experts for the industry as part of IHPCIA internal teams. (Various Associations’ / Councils’ President / Chairman / Director will be invited to become panel members for a fixed time basis and as per the decisions of the founder directors initially/ governing council later.
  7. Opportunities through IHCPIA website- As per various events announced in Also links of other associations website/portal provided in
  8. All benefits and special privileges for members will be evaluated/approved/provided by the Founder directors/ governing council before the same could be availed by the members.

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